Wilson's Coffee & Tea
3306 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53405
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Established 1991

What is Wilson's Coffee & Tea?

Wilson's Coffee & Tea is Racine's best source for great tasting coffee. We select exceptional coffees from all over the world and roast each on site to bring out its optimal flavor. Our coffees are available by the pound or by the cup.

Our full espresso bar offers delicious cappuccinos, caffé lattés, and caffé mochas, blended drinks, and more along with fresh, made-from-scratch bakery.

Wilson's also carries a large selection of premium teas and tisanes, fine chocolates, mugs, and tea and coffee accessories.

Coffee: Our sourcing and roasting philosophy.

Every coffee grew somewhere. The place where the coffee is grown has a tremendous influence on how it tastes. Soil, temperature, and rainfall have quite a bit to do with how a coffee will ultimately taste. Variety selection, farming techniques, and the care taken in harvesting and processing the coffee also play a role. We try to find a variety of unique coffees, all different, but all delicious.

For each lot of coffee we buy, we evaluate several different roasts and try to find ways of roasting that coffee which bring out the best characteristics of that coffee. Even coffees which have very similar flavor characteristics from one season to the next may require a different roasting style to achieve that result.

Our coffee list has prices and descriptions of the various coffees we currently offer.

New Limited Edition Coffees

We have recently introduced two limited edition coffees. Because we have so little of these coffees, we will not ship them.

Limited Edition Colombian Microlot

We recently acquired about one sixth of a sack of this excellent quality coffee from the Nariño department of Colombia. The coffee is sweet and well balanced and is only available in half pound bags or we can prepare a French Press for you to enjoy at our shop. If we have not sold out of the coffee by Saturday, April 5, our roaster will be preparing samples of this coffee with a Chemex from 9-11AM.

Limited Edition Competition Espresso

Our roaster recently went to an event that featured a small coffee competition and he won both rounds of that competition. The first round involved preparing and serving a unique beverage combining espresso and alcohol and this coffee is the blend that he developed for use in that drink. We can't serve the drink, but we are offering the blend as half pounds or you can ask for us to use that coffee in any of our espresso drinks instead of our usual Viking Blend Espresso. If you'd like to try the drink he made in the competition, we have a short video with step by step instructions on its preparation.