New Coffee

We’ve carried coffee from Fazenda Capim Branco in the past, but this year the farm has started reaching out to roasters directly rather than relying entirely on other importers to find a home for their coffees. This family owned farm has been producing coffee for over a century. It's very well managed with an eye toward quality that shows in the finished cup. Taken to a medium roast, it produces a rich, flavorful brew with a slightly nutty aftertaste that's very pleasant.

Behind the Scenes

People who look at our roasting area may have noticed that we have a smaller roasting machine in addition to our larger production roaster. This smaller machine is mainly used for test batches of new coffees to help us decide how we want to roast each new coffee we bring in. A new article at Daily Coffee News provides a behind the scenes look at how we make that work. Spoiler: we make it work with math.

Traveling Roaster

Neal Wilson will be in Seattle from April 20–April 23 for the SCA Global Specialty Coffee Expo. This year he will be serving as one of the judges for SCA United States Roaster Championship competition.

What We Do

Wilson’s Coffee & Tea is Racine’s best source for great tasting coffee. We select exceptional coffees from all over the world and roast each on site to bring out its optimal flavor. Our coffees are available by the pound or by the cup.

A full espresso bar offers delicious cappuccinos, caffé lattés, and caffé mochas, blended drinks, and more along with fresh, made from scratch bakery.

Wilson’s also carries a large selection of premium teas and tisanes, an original chai concentrate prepared and bottled on site, fine chocolates, mugs, and tea and coffee accessories.

Coffee: Our sourcing and roasting philosophy

Every coffee comes from somewhere. The place where the coffee is grown has a tremendous influence on how it tastes. Soil, temperature, and rainfall have quite a bit to do with how a coffee will ultimately taste. Variety selection, farming techniques, and the care taken in harvesting and processing also play a role. We try to find a variety of unique coffees, all different, but all delicious.

For each lot of coffee we buy, we evaluate several different roasts and try to find ways of roasting that coffee which bring out the best characteristics of that coffee. The result of this coffee first approach is that there is a great diversity of roasting styles among the coffees we offer.